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Chad Pabianek (Pa-bee-an-ek) was born in the northern town of Flin Flon Manitoba Canada. From a young age music was his passion. After a few years of piano lessons Chad picked up the guitar and enjoyed playing so much that even when he didn't have a guitar in front of him, he would mentally play by going over chord progressions and scales in his head. As he grew older and knew music would be his career, moving about Manitoba and eventually to the Comox Valley where Chad became a mainstay in music scene as a guitar, and bass player. Chad has also been an open mic host at various cafes and pubs in addition to backing up various local artists while maintaining a solo act.


Since Chads move to Scotland he has chosen to focus on his guitar playing more than the other instruments, and looks to form or join an original project in one of his many genre interests such as acoustic music, stoner rock, funk rock, or metal, or basically anything that has good guitar playing. All these influences give Chad his unique style. Although Chads 2019 release “Pulling This Line” was originally intended to be a banjo album, the combination of singer songwriter material and instrumental songs can be preformed on either guitar or banjo. This solo acoustic style can mix the thoughtful aspects of jazz and foot tapping acoustics of blue grass in an unusual combination of crafted guitar and banjo tunings. His music varies genres from song to song, but maintains a consistency that’s relatable and reflective with lyrics on life's biggest questions and situations.  


Chads live performances can vary from gig to gig. As a solo performance you will find him looping and playing acoustic guitar, performing originals, instrumentals, jazz standards, blue grass, or anything with in interesting chord progression. While with a band Chads performances can tend to get heavier gearing towards the heavy yet groovy genre of stoner rock. Come listen to Chad Pabianek for a diverse musical experience!

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