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Chad's relocation to Scotland hasn’t slowed down his musical journey at all. With two anticipated releases slated for 2024, Chad's artistic vision is set to unfold in new directions. His forthcoming releases include a blend of mellow folk melodies and spirited bluegrass rhythms. The former collection draws from Chad's earlier works, including the 2014 album "The Arms that Surround Us" and 2017's "Yester-Days-Future," offering listeners a nostalgic yet refreshed experience with five re-recorded and updated tracks. Meanwhile, the latter EP showcases Chad's evolution as an artist, featuring lively instrumental compositions that have remnants of early bluegrass music, with a modern edge to it.

Chad's music is a testament to his diverse influences and creative versatility.


His 2019 release, "Pulling This Line," was originally intended to be a banjo album with a combination of singer-songwriter material and instrumental songs but has proven to be performed on either guitar or banjo. This acoustic style can mix haunting dissonance with thoughtful aspects of jazz and foot-tapping acoustics of bluegrass in an unusual combination of crafted guitar and banjo tunings. With lyrics constructed on both philosophical ideas and everyday moments, along with Chad's tasteful guitar playing, it offers listeners a unique experience.

For Fans of:

Nick Drake

Neil Young

Doc Watson

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Alternative Acoustic Folk



Upright Bass


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